Witch of the Woods (feat. Ricky Roper)

by Mara

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A tale of the curse of the witch.


A village secluded from the world
Encompassed by the forest
Villagers of the old world
Live their life in solace

Lore of the past now abandoned
Tales of old now legends forgotten
An evil that has lingered for ages
Lies just beyond the horizon

The pale white sky turns gray
The village, shadowed by the darkness
Black fog poisons the air
Upon them is naught but despair

The plague infects each person
Some go mad with deliria

They feed on human flesh
Innocents are doomed to death

Next came a black swarm of crows engulfing the sky
Pecking flesh off their bones, the mutilated die
Skulls exposed, half alive, the children left to rot
The crows left the village in utter distraught

The mark of the witch embedded in their skin
Marked for suffering, they have no choice, but give in
Unable to endure this calamity
They slit their throats and free themselves from agony

The villagers attempt to flee
Escaping through the forest
The woods shift and transform
But they return, right back where they came from

“Tis the witch from the old tales!”
“We’ll not survive if she is not but burned”
She has the village writhing in her clutch
The curse of the witch leaves no soul untouched

Ten men descend through the forest
To rid the accursed plague
Burn the witch and behead her
The sun did not rise for days

Weary and fatigued
They reach the witch’s den
“Alas, we have come to rid our affliction!”
“Come forth you filthy witch”

Emerging from where she lies
Entombed for a thousand years
Speaking in tongues she cries
“Coming here will be your demise”

A few men raise their blades
Eyes turn white and no one can escape her gaze

Paralyzed, maggots exit every orifice
To the ground they fall unvictorious
The others run, but they explode into a bloody mist
One soul is left in the witch’s midst

Spare me!

He is special
She consumes to awaken a dormant necrotic being

Limbs burst from her body
Constructed from rotting flesh
Now the transformation is complete
She heads to the village to reap


released July 22, 2017

Lewis Edge - Vocals
Rahman Bolaji - Instrumental and Orchestration

Recorded by Lewis Edge and Rahman Bolaji

Guest Vocals by Ricky Roper @ Osiah

Bass Guitar tracked David Finlay
Additional Drums and Orchestration by Jake Nelis

Mix and Mastered by Jake Nelis @ Archon Audio

Art by Tu Na Art and Nemesis Design



all rights reserved



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