The Wretched Tyrant

by Mara

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A story about a troubled man who discovers the art of magic and uses it to fuel his cause to take the throne and about a knight who's loyalty to his kingdom starts his quest to dethrone him and restore balance and order to the world.


released January 27, 2017

Lewis Edge - Vocals
Rahman Bolaji - Instrumental

Recorded by Lewis Edge and Rahman Bolaji
Mix and Mastered by Derek Moffat @ 608 Studios
Album Artwork by Guang Yang



all rights reserved



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Track Name: The Wretched Tyrant
A young boy born into poverty
Sees the world for what it really is
A disgusting state in which greed and corruption thrive
Masked under the veil of divinity

Son of a drunkard and the town harlot
The bastard child of worthless human beings
Never shown affection or the love for one another
His life truly had no meaning

One night, a drunken father comes home
From a night at the tavern
He takes one look at his son
And spits at him in disgust

"You're a filthy mistake!"
"You're just a burden to me!"
Drunkenly, he grabs the switch from the table
"Please father, no more!"

A flash of light
A gust of wind
releases from his body
The room grows dim

His father, surprised, stands ready to beat him
But can not move
His body crushed from the force of gravity.
Exploding before him

Amazed at his newfound power
A slave to curiosity
Magic had always existed
Esoteric power only few possess

Devoted to the pursuit of the arcane
He embraces his true power within
The power to kill only gets stronger
A legend of fear he becomes

Standing at the city gates he
waves his hands, down rains fire, he destroys
the fucking city

Years later, he stands amongst his king
On the day of his son's coronation.
Cloaked in black he removes his hood.
Out of the darkness and the cold of the night

Approaching the king, he looks in his eyes
"What can I do for you my child?"
In one swift motion, he waves his hand.
A black mist emanates into the air

One by one, guests implode from the inside
their entrails paint the golden hall red
The king is left alone in shock and horror
Alone, the "mighty" king asks

"Who are you the devil?"
His blade moves across his throat
The king chokes on his blood, his eyes roll back.
"No, I am the new king"
Track Name: Savior
A man of nobility
Graced by the gods themselves
Born to live a life of virtue
Hindered not by nobility or wealth.

Always valued his people
His loyalty absolute
The son of a general
Been trained to fight since birth

Not with magic, but with skill of shield and sword he (so) proudly fights
To this man, magic is but blasphemy
His kingdom plagued with mystic beasts time and time again
A truly noble act and he made his name slaying them

A renown warrior
An honored hero of his land
Ascending through the ranks*
Now a captain who serves for the glory of his king

Assigned with an important quest
To rid a mysterious cult
With a few skilled men at his side
They set out on their journey.

In Heilia Forest they dwell
Engaging in the unknown
At the behest of the king they were sent
to eliminate this potential threat


An unknown force throws his men in the sky.
Their limbs snap as they descend and die.
They grab their blades.
Controlled they take their own lives.

The captain gets knocked to the ground
Men lay dead all around
Half conscious, vision unclear
A dark figure approaches.

“You are cursed for an eternity”
“Bestowed upon you is the curse of immortality”
“You are granted powers that the world has never seen”
“Monumental power at the cost of your own sanity”
Track Name: The Battle for Holquinne
A city once full of splendor
Now reduced to rubble and ash
Tattered flags wave in the wind
The city now statueless.

Shields at the ready
Armor glinting in the sun
Catapults move into position
The time for war has come

Fighting to reclaim their homeland
Their helms mask their anxiety
Slowly trudging through the battlefield
to meet an uncertain fate.

Dark mages and the undead
Winged beasts of malevolent spawn
Emerge onto the battlefield
The Dark Lord’s army!!

Set ablaze at the flick of their hand
Screams of burning men can be heard from afar
Asphyxiated from across the land.
Under powered, they’ve already lost this war

Black skinned beasts encircle the skies
With wings that eclipse the sun
Breathing black fire of plague and death
Caught in the blast, they’ll wither to ash

Warriors of the sword are no match for the arcane
Years of training could not prepare them
Limbs and organs strewn across the ground
Their brothers in arms lay dead

Maimed, Slaughtered, Crushed x2
Burned, Dismembered, Slayed x2

Amidst the flurry of bloodshed
A white clad knight rises
Using deadly sorcery and blade
He slays the undead with ease.

Standing in the tower
the tyrant glimpses
A warrior of considerable power
For a moment their gazes meet.
Track Name: Contest for Power
Ascending through the castle
Halls now stained with blood
The door slowly opens
He sits on the throne

I, have come forth to end you
End your wretched hand
No, see you cannot stop me.
I will conquer this world.

This knight holds his shield and raises his sword
Charging him with all of his might
The tyrant knocks him back destroying his shield
He raises the shards with open palms

One by one the pieces pierce his body!


“I can not die!!!”

Wiping the blood off his plate
Muttering chants, he infuses his blade
He focuses his remaining energy
and swings with the power gifted to him

The tyrant falls unexpectedly
But swiftly regains his footing
With great force he crushes the knights limbs
Screams of pain echo through the halls

Limbs, broken and crushed.
He’s suspended in the air
“So you are immortal?”
“Then you shall see these visions of horror"

Paralyzed he can not move
“Death, Rape, shame your innermost fears”
“Delusions of terror will ravage your mind until insanity”
“This is not the end, this is just the beginning